Sunday School Mission

From our Archdiocese:

“The purpose of Orthodox Christian Education (catechesis)

is to help build up the Church, the Body of Christ,

by nurturing every person

in the life of personal communion

with the Holy Trinity (theosis),

and thus, through this ministry,

to bear joyful witness

to God’s loving and redeeming work in the world.”


“My job is to equip the saints.”

“I labor in the creation of relics.”

Every student who comes to us for instruction should leave us with the profound understanding that Orthodoxy is not a list of sacraments or a system of rules, but is in fact a way of life, and that the meaning and purpose of our days is to live in personal communion with the Holy Trinity. We are not preparing them to live this life later, but in fact we are equipping them to live it NOW, and giving them instruction that will sustain them.