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The Chapter Challenge was assigned to our chapter at the Biennial National Philoptochos Conference in July 2016. We were to come up with a project to help others outside of our church in the greater community for at least 2 years. We have to make a presentation, oral and visible, at the next National Conference in 2018. Maria Paulson and Juanita Nellos are our co-chairs.

Since St. George Philoptochos has taken food to the Eastern Navajo Nation in July for the past several years, we decided to expand on that. We talked with the director at St. Bonaventure Catholic Charities, who co-ordinates help for this part of the Navajo Nation, out of Thoreau, NM, to get an idea of their needs. They are very poor and in need of much, including warm clothing, blankets, towels, toys, books, copying paper, food, wood in the winter, electricity and water. We decided to narrow our project down to immediate needs and to include the whole St. George community in our efforts. As of January 2017, we have collected warm clothing, blankets, towels and copy paper which we will be delivering in early February. We plan to visit them at least 3 times a year. We have reached out to all organizations in our St. George Community to get our message out. All parish organizations: GOYA, Sunday school, AHEPA, Daughters, HOPE/JOY, Parish Council are on board to be a part of the Chapter Challenge & will be assisting with various projects. We’ll post their efforts as we go along. We are very grateful to all the St. George parishioners who have generously donated warm clothing and blankets which will be delivered on Wednesday February 8. The scope of our involvement is developing day to day and will continue to evolve over the next 18 months, when we present our program at National. We will be the first Philoptochos to help the Native Americans for a Chapter Challenge.

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