Your treasure is wisdom, your treasure is chastity and righteousness, gold fireyour treasure is a good understanding, such as was that treasure from which the Magi, when they worshipped the Lord brought forth gold, frankincense and myrrh (cf. Mt. 2:11); setting forth by gold the power of a king, venerating God by the frankincense, and by myrrh acknowledging the resurrection of the body. You too have this treasure if you look into yourself: ‘For we have this treasure in earthen vessels’ (II Cor. 4:7). You have gold which you can give, for God does not exact of you the precious gift of shining metal, but that gold which at the day of judgment the fire shall be unable to consume. Nor does He require precious gifts, but the good odor of faith, which the altars of your heart send forth and the disposition of a religious mind exhales.

St. Ambrose