Conan Gill posted on St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Albuquerque, NM)’s timelineNativity Icon
“As we continue to celebrate Your birth, O Lord, let us not forget who You are and what You do for us, Your unworthy children. Look upon us and teach us to be and to do only what is most pleasing to You. Lead us into Your pastures of peace, show us how to love each other the way You love us. Bless us all, we pray. Bless the old, the young, the helpless. Protect especially the children. Defend them and keep them safe from the pain and terror of the evil ones. Save and protect us all, the poor, homeless, sick and despairing ones who have nowhere to turn. Let us then turn to You, our only safe haven and salvation. Turn not Your face from us. We are small and weak. Only you are our strength and salvation. We humbly thank You for Your long- suffering and never-ending love. We pray that this new year brings us health, joy and the peace that can come only from You. Amen.”