Daily Prayer

Christ with GospelO God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth, the Good Shepherd; Who gave Your soul as ransom for Your rational sheep; Who does not desire the death of a sinner, but that he may turn back and live; the All merciful, the All compassionate, Who gave us repentance for the remission of sins; Who are full of mercy and loves mankind, forgive all our sins that we have committed, in words, in ignorance, in mind, voluntarily and involuntarily; forgive also all sinners and blasphemers and give to us, to those, and to all men, true repentance, pure and sincere one, to enlighten, guide instruct, uphold, strengthen and confirm us on the unshakable rock of the Faith, the rock of Your divine commandments, so that having put off the old man of sin and put on the new man in Christ, we may live the remaining time of our life in chastity, holiness, justice, piety and in a God pleasing manner and be made worthy of Your Heavenly Kingdom. For You are our God, and to You do we ascribe glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.    Amen.