Christ’s yoke is easy!

cartThe misfortunes of Christians arise from their not having Christian hope. A man feels the oppression of sin in his heart the weariness and anguish of sin: if he has not Christian hope in his heart, what does he do? He has recourse to artificial means to drive away the oppression and weariness, to culpable distractions, and not to Christ, Whose ‘yoke is easy’ for our heart and Whose ‘burden is light’ (Mt. 11:30), not to prayer, not to repentance for his sins, not to the Word of God, which ‘is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, comfort’ (II Tim. 3:16; Rom. 15:4). So it happens in most cases. Hence the necessity for worldly people to have theatres and a multitude of other amusements. The experience of obtaining that which we pray for greatly strengthens Christian hope in our heart. And he who is attentive to himself will easily observe this experience.

St. John of Kronstadt