For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required” (Luke 12:48

Dear Precious Ones of St. George,

Advocates 1000We are so very blessed to live in America and to enjoy the material benefits of our land. Many of us are moved to contribute in one way or another to the work of the Church. In this regard, the first and most important obligation is to generously support our local parish.

In addition, we have opportunities to support our national Church (the Archdiocese) and our own regional Church (the Metropolis). One of the major fundraising efforts which has been undertaken in the Metropolis of Denver is the Advocates 1000 Program.

In response to the protracted funding shortfall from the Archdiocese, The Advocates 1000 stewardship program has, as its sole purpose, to pay the routine operational expenses of running our Denver Metropolis Center and Chancery office.  The most-recent report shows how funds from the program were disbursed for this purpose.

While the program started strong, it has in the recent years, been bringing in less and less money from our parishes. In response to this and in an effort to bring attention to the needs of our Metropolis, His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah, will be visiting us at the end of the month to raise awareness and funds as able. 

There will be a Cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres reception held at Nick Kapnison’s house, with His Eminence in attendance, on July 31st in order to learn more about this program. There is no obligation or specific dollar amount expected, rather all are welcome. It is my prayer that we will take this opportunity to come together as a community in welcoming our hierarch, giving him a warm St. George welcome and our attention as he presents on a very important part of his ministry. 

Please take the time to clear your schedules for this evening and to RSVP by July 24th to the Church office at 247-9411 or email us here.

Your Servant in Christ,

Fr. Conan Gill